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Adventure Island DVD



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The New Adventure Island - Now on DVD

Join in all the fun with the Adventure Islanders in four brand new stories as they tap dance and sing their way through their adventures.

$12.00 AUD
Within Australia
$2.50 AUD
Approx Running Time: 49 Mins   |   Format: DVD   |   Region: 4   |   Aspect Ratio: 16:9


See what our customers are saying about the Adventure Island DVD

Fans watching the Adventure Island DVD

"I thought my granddaughter might be a bit too young (3) for the DVD, but after two sittings she already knows the words to the songs and is into signing. She is fascinated with Mizzda Meaner and his naughty tricks. 
Cannot resist telling you that she has gone off to childcare today and taken her new Dora Music Box and her Adventure Island DVD to show the other children. Her mummy thinks that those two (birthday gifts) won hands down."

— Suzanne from Eltham

"We're getting so much enjoyment from the DVD.  Our special thanks for introducing us to hours of quiet time in front of the telly!!"
— Tania from Elwood

"We are enjoying the DVD that we purchased.   As a young girl, I raced home from the school bus to watch Adventure Island, so it's taking me back a long time ago."
— Lindy from Ballarat

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